Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to use the existing and new knowledge to prevent recurrences of cleft lip and palate in families having one or more individuals with cleft and to prevent occurrences of cleft lip and palate in general population. We are developing a variety of cleft prevention programs and ways of awareness building that will address different age groups, population groups, and ethnicities.

Our vision is to implement cleft prevention programs and decrease prevalence of cleft lip and palate worldwide.

Our program has several components:

  1. Education regarding causes of cleft lip and palate anomalies and distribution of educational materials on several levels – (1) for professionals, (2) for individuals affected with a cleft and their families, (3) for general public
  2. Providing nutritional and lifestyle education and distributing educational materials to women and adolescent girls
  3. Providing outreach and public information – public presentations, articles, brochures and pamphlets, access to social media, TV, and radio
  4. Vocational training
  5. Collaborations with nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s), experts, suppliers, organizations, and agencies pursuing similar interests
  6. Supporting research toward understanding of etiology (causes) and prevention of cleft lip and palate anomaly


Learn more about cleft lip and palate and prevention from leading scientists in the field.

How to Donate

There are many ways you can support our mission toward prevention of cleft lip and palate.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved – financially, by skills, resources, volunteering, and more.